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Stokli Holiday Gift Guide

Still on the hunt for the perfect holiday gift for people on your list this year? We are here to help! When you buy a gift from small producers in the Stokli shop did you know that 100% of the retail price goes to them? For us, giving a gift that does good and tastes good is a pretty sweet idea.

As we look through our collection of pantry staples, snacks, beverages, bath, body and home goods, each and every one would be a treasured gift or stocking stuffer for someone out there. While it’s hard to choose, here are some of our favorite ideas for gifts and stocking stuffers for yourself and the people in your life.

Holiday Gifts

  1. Holiday Gift Box: The perfect gift to spread New Mexico cheer. Box includes Mild Red Chile Flakes, Medium Red Chile Powder, Mild Green Chile Powder, High Desert Herbs, High Desert Salt, Anasazi Beans, Evening Tea. Send to anyone in the lower 48 and we’ll include a handwritten message from you in the box. $45.

  2. Rose Gold Rejuvenation Tonic: Don’t let the small package fool you. This is the kind of gold that works its magic from the inside out. A daily rejuvenation potion featuring organic, adaptogenic, rejuvenative, inflammation supportive, beauty enhancing botanicals. 30 servings in each bag. Ingredients: Turmeric, date palm fruit, ginger root, ashvagandha, rose, anantamula, gotu kola, cardamom, vanilla bean, saffron, black pepper. $27.

  3. Stokli Tea 3 Pack: Loose-leaf teas for life in the high desert. Our Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Teas with a bamboo filter. Morning Tea – Featuring Golden Yunnan black tea, rose petals, and red chile. Afternoon Tea – Organic green tea from the Jiangxi Province blended with whole jasmine flowers and a touch of peppermint. Evening Tea – Featuring white sage, rose petals, elderflower, lavender, peppermint, and lemon balm. $40.

  4. Chicos Del Horno: One of the most incredible foods we have ever tasted, horno chicos are a labor of love, being roasted in an outdoor “horno” oven over night, then dried in the New Mexican sun. Use chicos as you would a bean to add an incredible burst of smoky corn flavor to stews and soups…the sweetest roasted corn you have ever tasted. Jesus Guzman and his partner Kate farm about seven acres in Nambe, NM. They produce organic beans, corn, chiles, a variety of chile powders and chicos. $17.

  5. Spirulina Sprinkles: The perfect Superfood gift! You can sprinkle it on anything: It’s water-based, It’s billions of years old. And it comes from the sun. The blue-green microalgae that contains more beta carotene than carrots, more chlorophyll than wheatgrass, and 50 times more iron than spinach. Apogee spirulina is 100% pesticide and herbicide free and located at the foot of New Mexico’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Northern New Mexico. $18.

Stocking Stuffers

  1. Zinc Zinc Sun Shield Sunscreen: This zero-waste sunscreen provides protection for the lips and face, is made from the finest ingredients, in a compostable tube. Protect your skin from the sun without any harsh chemicals and keep plastic out of the environment. $22.

  2. Dried Apples: From one of the most beautiful orchards we have ever visited, these dried apples have a hint of cinnamon and are a perfect snack to add to any stocking. Montoya Orchard is a 4th generation run orchard in Velarde, NM, specializing in apples and fresh pressed apple cider. Their fruit grows along the Rio Grand River, all naturally grown with no pesticides. $5.

  3. High Desert Herbs: An herb blend for just about any pot of goodness you can imagine. Made with love in the Stokli kitchen, this is the only product we package in a tin because we use it so often, it has a permanent home by the stove. Ingredients: oregano, sage, lavender, rosemary, chile, thyme. $8.

  4. Honeybee Soap:  Is it possible to be bewitched from just smelling a bar of soap? We think it is now that we’ve had the pleasure of meeting this little beauty. Moira at Taos Bee, handcrafts this soap with healing honeybee products: beeswax, organic honey and propolis, mixed with rich cocoa butter and emollient macadamia nut oil for a soap that is rich, natural , and soothing. Can be used as a facial soap as well. $9.

  5. High Desert Salt: We can’t resist this salt blend that tastes good on just about anything from veggies to bread & butter to dark chocolate chip cookies. A perfect gift for the food lover in your life. Ingredients: pacific sea salt, lavender, red chile, green. $7.