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Our Story

About Us - Hans and Marianne

Hans & Marianne


We're Marianne and Hans.

For the past 15 years, we’ve been working as a chef and designer, dreaming of opening a shop & cafe. This year our little dream turned into something else entirely. When the pandemic hit, the catering business we had recently opened shifted to delivering pantry goods that were hard to find around town.

We had no idea how the following months would teach us, challenge us, and ultimately inspire us to change our lives. We look at Stokli as a long-term project—empowering local growers and makers, celebrating our community, and joining in the effort to increase food security in our region.

Stokli is inspired by the Swiss and German word “Stockli”. According to Swiss tradition, every farm should have one: a stone home for the retired farmer so they can keep an eye on the younger generation. While farmers are our heroes and we’re far from retired, this felt like a perfect name that reflects our aim to support local farms while looking to the future. 

We don't have all the answers, but we believe our collective community has lots of them.

For us, it comes down to listening and learning. We want to hear from the caretaker, the healer, the farmer, the story-teller, the maker. We want to define our decision making in the language of responsibility, listening to their wisdom, opinions, experiences, and unique perspectives as we carve a path forward. We are honored and grateful this group of advisors has joined us.