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When ideas knock do you answer?

Most of us would probably like to think we would welcome a new idea with open arms…but it’s not always easy.

When the idea for Stokli came around we were planning and dreaming about other things. We knew we wanted to support regional growers and makers, but we didn’t land on what we call our “heartbeat of how” until the final weeks before launching in late November. (What’s our heartbeat of how? It’s the itty bitty mighty detail that keeps us moving forward every day: small producers keep 100% the retail price for their goods).

While the pandemic has brought too much heartbreak, it has also brought a light to shine in corners we didn’t notice before. Because of the past year we noticed growers and makers of dry goods spread out across the Southwest working to find a way to sell their goods. Some folks excel at wearing all the hats. No matter what, it’s freaking hard. Then add the challenge that comes when quality craftsmanship meets global supply chain competitors. It’s a stacked deck. The kind of deck stacking that can only be undone through community.

We may be small, but we are growing inch by inch because of you. Because of our members, we were able to pay over $6000 to our first group of small producers that we carry in the shop. This was them getting full retail price for their goods. This was them keeping 100% of their profit. So they can keep going, so they can have more autonomy, so they can GROW.

We are so grateful we followed this little breadcrumb of an idea, because it led us to being here with all of you today.