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Southwest Stars Shine Bright

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A year ago Stokli was a tiny seed. It had no name, no plan, there was no idea really yet. Our tiny catering operation started delivering flour around town because grocery stores were out and because we could.

All there was, was a noticing in those early days of the pandemic. Noticing that our food system was fragile in ways we had never seen before. Noticing that dry goods are overlooked sometimes as the less flashy cousin of gorgeous fruits and veggies. Noticing that the growers and makers do much more for our communities than simply produce incredible foods, beverages, bath, body, and home goods. They are holders of our cultures and traditions, they preserve farm lands for farming, they are expert artisans choosing to make things with their hands, for us. And they do all this in a global market that basically laughs in their face saying we can do it faster and we can do it cheaper. But they keep farming and they keep making. In the most simple way, they keep on working for a vibrant and sustainable future with the deck stacked against them. And then there are all of us regular folks who see them. Who see the incredible value they add to our health, our lives, our joy. Stokli is here because we don’t just want to see these growers and makers make it, we want to see them THRIVE. And thanks to all of you in the Stokli family, the future is looking bright.

What is Stokli?

Online farmers market for Southwest dry goods-for your pantry, bath and body. Free delivery for Santa Fe, shipped to your door for everyone else.

Why Stokli?

Making it easy to stock up on Southwest dry goods from the comfort of home.

Because dry goods tend to be more spread out across the region compared to fruit & veggies, they can be harder to find in one place.

Why should I become a member?

When you become a member, you get unlimited access to Southwest pantry staples, specialty foods, bath & beauty products from the comfort of home.

And like your local farmers market, small artisans, growers and makers keep 100% of the sales of their products.