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White Posole



100% White Corn Posole

Also known as hominy, white corn has gone through the process of nixtamalization, a word derived from the Nahuatl language spoken by the pre-Columbian people of Mesoamerica who invented the process of soaking corn in an alkaline solution of calcium hydroxide made from slaked lime, lye, or wood ash (over 3500 years ago).

This process loosens the kernel’s hulls, making them soft like a bean. It not only makes digestion easier, it allows the ground corn to stick together when combined with water.

Source: Rancho de Santa Fe, Velarde, New Mexico
Price Transparency: 100% of this sale goes to this small producer

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Farmer Eddie Velarde says it best, “Our family farm has supported and kept alive the tradition of growing prime chile and fruit for many generations. New Mexico used to be considered one of the states selling large amounts of apples and chile. We want to continue maintaining that tradition. We want agricultural land in agriculture. We want to save our traditions, acequias and farmland. We maintain heritage fruit trees and want to continue that tradition. We want to provide school children with fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers.”