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TSK Spice Shake



From the Three Sisters Kitchen Cafe, TSK Spice Shake was created to give an extra kick to the pinto hummus and flatbreads in their cafe. They quickly realized it was good on everything, from avocado toast, to chicken salad, to local veggie shish kabobs.

Try shaking up your favorite dishes with this flavorful blend of sumac, sesame, thyme, garlic, & Hatch red chile.

Ingredients: Red chile powder, Sumac, Sesame seeds, Salt, Thyme, Dried minced garlic.

Source: Three Sisters Kitchen, ABQ New Mexico
Price Transparency: 100% of this sale goes to this non-profit organization

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TSK: Food Group is a project of Three Sisters Kitchen, a New Mexico based non-profit that uses the power and love of local food to create economic opportunity, improve
community health, and bring our diverse communities together around the table.

When you purchase from TSK: Food Group, you invest in a network of local farmers, producers, & emerging food entrepreneurs working
together to build a more just, vibrant, and delicious local food system.

Learn more at ThreeSistersKitchen.org