Plantain Salve


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“Traditionally used as an herbal alternative to cortisone products; calms burning and itching due to insect stings/bites and exposure to poisonous plants without causing the skin to dry out and flake.

Ingredients: canola oil, beeswax, calendula, cilantro, comfrey leaf, mullein, plantain

Source: Remedios Naturales, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Price Transparency: 100% of this sale goes to this small producer”

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“With three years of pre-medical studies and EMT training, Emily graduated from Brown University, earning a degree in Community Health. After obtaining a Social Work license in New Mexico, she decided to pursue a career in natural healing with a focus on massage therapy and herbology. She has practiced as a massage therapist and an herbalist since 1986. Over the course of her massage practice, she developed a line of products made locally from all-natural botanical ingredients. These products are for persons interested in being active and building strong and healthy bodies.

From 1989-1999 Emily was treated by and apprenticed with Elena Ávila and Linda Velarde, two native New Mexicans who traveled widely throughout Latin America to learn the ancient art of Curanderismo. The healing art and traditions of Curanderismo are passed down from teacher to student in the form of apprenticeships, and the lineage of all Curanderos can ultimately be traced back to Mayan traditions based in the Yucatán. The Mayan study of the balance in nature and the systems around them was the foundation of their architecture, understanding of mathematics, astronomy, communities, health and much, much more. “