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Become a member,
make an impact.

Stokli is an online, membership-based general store on a mission to support Southwest growers and makers and increase access to regional dry goods.


Become a Stokli Member for $49/year (or $8.99/mo)

Get unlimited access to our growing list of regionally produced pantry staples, specialty foods, bath, body and home products all in one place and from the comfort of home.



When you choose an item from a small producer, 100% of the retail price for their goods go to them. If we package an item we received in bulk form, the only time we increase the price is to cover the cost of packaging.

Our buy one-give one Rise & Shine program means that for every membership purchased we give one to a low-income family, student, teacher, or first responder in our region.


Become a member and support small southwest growers and makers.

  • Every membership gives to someone in need.
  • Unlimited access to local growers and makers in one place.​
  • Get creative ideas and recipes for your home kitchen.​
  • Cut out the middleman and champion small producers​.